woodworking and metalworking CNC machines
Artel Ltd was based in 1992. Artel Ltd produces furniture conforming to high European standards. Since 1999 we begin production of CNC woodworking machines. At this point we are developed and produce following equipment: CNC woodworking milling machines ArtMaster, Unique CNC woodworking four-sider planer Uzor (Pattern), metalworking CNC plasma cutting machines ArtPlasma, CNC laser cutting machines ArtLaser, membrane vacuum press MVP-2512. Artel Ltd also selling a PVC film with a new trade mark ArtVinyl made in Taiwan. PVC film used for facing furniture elements. Our production quantity now has reach 25-30 in a week, territory of industrial areas about 2000 m sq. We are using for our production great international experience and best parts from all over the world for our machines. Machine has found the customer in 21 country of the world. The Artel Ltd created dealer network.

¤ Ukraine

¤ Mykolaiv

¤ 3332. Industrial Machinery Manufacturing
¤ 3335. Metalworking Machinery Manufacturing